Imagine it’s Saturday and you don’t have anywhere to go that day, but your alarm still goes off. You have to push a thermometer in your mouth and wait for the dreaded *beep* instead of cuddling up with your loved one. Once you record the value, you remember that you got up to go to the bathroom a few hours ago. Now, the number you saw on the thermometer is invalid. This is the unfortunate reality of Basal Body Temperature tracking.

Fortunately, I had the ability to try a new technology, the IFertracker. It’s a small device, about the size of two nickels put together. With double sided adhesives, it is placed under the crease of the armpit prior to going to bed. Upon waking up, it is taken off and when ready to get up for the day, the app and Bluetooth are turned on to sync the daily temperature to the app. I tried it for a whole cycle and found multiple pros and cons.


·   Easy to use –1.  Peel the double-sided tape to stick one side onto the device and the other side onto the skin. 2. Go to sleep. 3. Wake up. 4. Turn on your Bluetooth and open the app.

·  You wake up and pee/get water/bug your SO in the middle of the night without compromising the data

·  You can be a mouth breather/have a stuffy nose without compromising data.

· YOU CAN SLEEP IN! I repeat- SLEEP IN – without compromising data.

· Small and easy to pack!

·  The app will remind you to put the device on before you go to bed

·  Did I say SLEEP?


·  The adhesion strips are very sticky and sometimes leave residue. I have been recommended to use body tape instead, but the stickiness easy comes off in the shower.

· You have to shave under your arms, or the device will pull at the hair

·   Like most apps, the guessing of the ovulation days and menstruation days aren’t correct. However that is the case with MOST apps anyways! The app itself requires some time to learn how to use it. Not 100% user friendly.

·During surprise BD (baby dance) time with my husband, he was thrown off by the small blue blinking light that comes from the device when it is first put on the skin.

· You have to trust system. I attempted to keep track of my oral temperatures as well as use the IFertracker and the data didn’t line up. The company rep reassured me that the technology is sound and the mistake may have been with my oral temping.

Further Recommendations/Thoughts

·When first downloading the app and connecting the device to Bluetooth, there is a program update. This ends up draining a lot of the battery. I recommend purchasing an extra Lithium battery as they burn out pretty quickly after the first update. My second battery lasted 30 days without any updates.

·  In the mornings, make sure that no more than 5 minutes goes by between you taking the device off and syncing it with the app. Because it senses drops in temp and shuts off, if the device temp gets too low in between you taking it off and then syncing it may shut off before you’re able to sync. You won’t lose your data as it can store up to ten days worth of data with the sensor’s flash storage, but you just won’t be able to sync it that day.

·The only times you need Bluetooth on are when you’re establishing the iFertracker’s initial connection with your phone when first setting it up and then in the mornings when you wake up. But, I keep mine on all the time (for use of my Fitbit and other devices).

Check out the video on how to use the IFertacker! (https://youtu.be/H-274BY8lV4)

If you have more questions about my experience with the IFertracker or if you want information on how to get your own for the BEST rate, please contact me on my “contact” page or send me an email at sophiesfertility@gmail.com


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